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Unique Colors, Superior Genetics, Loads of Character

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Welcome to Highlight Alpacas

A Highlight on Highway 212

In a land of Beef Ranchers we decided to raise Alpacas.
Some have called us "crazy", but we like to think of ourselves more as "unique". As unique as the color we strive to breed for, including appaloosa.

If you drive through Southeastern Montana chances are you'll drive by our ranch where we raise 2 wild boys, a small herd of alpacas and way too many free range chickens.
My husband and I both have full time jobs. Our kids our busy with school and sports. Spending time with our Alpacas is many things: our happy time, our (sometimes) quiet time, our family time. We appreciate the alpacas independence and solitude, but yet herd mentality. I would like to say we give them their space, but make sure they have all that they need in a clean and safe environment. They fit our family perfectly.